Mommy has never been so creepy!

Goodnight Mommy (Austria, 2014) – What if a mother, played by Susanne Wuest, undergone plastic surgery and returning home in bandages, were not recognized by her twin boys (acting newcomers Elias and Lukas Shwarz)? That’s the simple premise of Goodnight Mommy, a psychological horror-thriller in which nothing is what it seems.

The first half of the movie runs throughout an atmosphere charged of anxiety and suspicion, where the things that we don’t see are what makes us freak out. The cinematography is beautiful, the soundtrack nailed, the claustrophobic atmosphere disconcerting and the acting… wow, the acting! It is totally worth watching.

Nevertheless the movie looks good ‘till the ending, the second half of the movie itself (since the “mommy” gets rid of the bandages) turns a little bit into something more disgusting than disturbing, winking to the torture-horror sub-genre, which is a shame because it falls back into old (and abused) stereotypes.

Still, Goodnight Mommy brings something new in the first half of the running and it’s highly entertaining, even though it gets a little bit disappointing at the very end. Don’t worry, I won’t spoiler anything.


3 thoughts on “Mommy has never been so creepy!

  1. One of my favorite recent horrors, can’t say enough good things about this film. How’d you like to share your horror musings with our writers on I think you’d connect with our horror community!


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